Greetings,....We submit this proposed opportunity for you to serve as a recruiter for the Emmaus Kidz program.  You can Google us at EMMAUS KIDZ or www.emmauskidz.org to see all our endeavors as we change the lives of deserving kidz.  First, we must have a very serious self-starter to serve as recruiter.  You can recruit from any county in Florida or setup a new EMMAUS KIDZ chapter anywhere within the United States.  Our goal is an additional  135 new kidz enrolled by late fall 2014.  Our 2015 goal has been established with a recruitment level of an additional 100+ kidz throughout various area of the country.  You will find the efforts very rewarding.  If you feel that this is your cup of tea, please give us a call to setup an interview.  You will be compensated based on performance and goal objectives set forth by the program.

1)  After you have enrolled the first initial (25) kidz....You will receive a 50.00 per month stipend, provided that you monitor and continuously maintain at least (25) kidz on roll and active at all times.  Otherwise, your job as recruiter will cause you to conduct telephone reassurances with the parent/guardian of each child recruited into the program.  It's always best to keep your recruitment efforts above the compensation schedule to avoid lost or reduction in compensation.  We have found that the best recruitment comes from churches, schools, and utilization of free media.  Our program goal is to recruit kidz that have at least an average grade level in school; kidz with least disciplinary supervision; to include parents that are involved in the livelyhood of their kidz.  The program meets with our kidz every second and fourth Saturday of the month, except for summer months.  We travel and conduct summer camps for our kidz during those months.  Attendance will not be crucial during summer months, but beneficial on your part as we gear up for the fall each year.  Likewise, we will monitored attendance at all times and will advise you accordingly.  Below, you will see the compensation schedule for the various number of kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored by you.

2)  25 to 35 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 60.00 per month
3)  35 to 45 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 70.00 per month
4)  45 to 55 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 80.00 per month
5)  55 to 65 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 90.00 per month
6)  65 to 75 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 100.00 per month
7)  75 to 85 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 110.00 per month
8)  85 to 95 kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 120.00 per month
9)  150+     kidz enrolled, maintained and monitored 175.00 per month

In closing, this is an awesome and most rewarding part-time position.  This position is open to other interested individuals.  You get to work on your own schedule while making things happen at the same time.  Again, advise us of your decision in the days to come.

For the Kidz, 

J. O. Gatson....Program Coordinator (850) 698-0571













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