The Emmaus Kidz program is sustain by charitable funding.  We are recognized by the Internal Revenue as a non-profit 501(c)(3). Emmaus Kidz is a mentoring/prevention program that has served Pensacola and surrounding areas since 1992.  The program falls under the umbrella of the Emmaus Road Outreach.  The majority of our kidz are inner-city residents, ages 5-21.  The need for service is greatest among this demographic.

It has been said taht nothing good comes from the inner-city; yet, Emmaus Kidz has proven that perceived notion to be false.  We have been featured on Good Morning America, Pensacola Magazine, The Independent, Pensacola News Journal, Pensacola Voice, WBLX, WRNE, WEAR and a host of other media outlets. 

The program has been instrumental in grooming children for a successful transition into adulthood to become responsible, productive citizens.  Many of our former students are now school teachers, college instructors, nurses, doctors, bank executives, policeman, correctional officers, preachers/pastors, military officers, lawyers, students, television industry employees, college graduates and the list continues.

Our current students receive mentorship in areas such as: aviation, college tours, ACT tutoring, FCAT tutoring, summer camps, dance, music, summer educational tours, game designing classes, math, reading and other essentials.  Our kidz learn to travel (domestically and abroad) while attending job-shadowing programs. They also participate in local and national mission trips.   Our kidz are taught to reach out and mentor other kidz.

The Emmaus Kidz has a planned operating budget that exceeds 79,000.00.  Our projected activities, goals, and objectives are to sustain ourselves by providing hot meals for the kidz, food boxes, incentives and awards, academic studies, scholarships and summer camps for 2017. Our budget assists with transportation, food, supplies, travel, equipment, photocopies, postage, training literature, etc. Emmaus Kidz has no paid staff and is 100% volunteer run. Fuel stipends are provided for volunteers. 

Many times we are unable to carry forth the planned program activities due to lack of funding.  The projected program outcomes by June 2017 are that juvenile delinquency will be curtailed through our efforts; that our kidz self-esteem will be increased; that they will experience an increased positive self-exposure to good things; that one's self-worth will be enlarged through educational opportunities; and that awareness and appreciation for the arts will increase.

Unknowingly, we have had kidz go to summer camp without toothpaste and toothbrushes; and lack of proper clothing as a result of personal restraints.  We petition a monthly charitable giving amount from you the web viewer for the school year of 2016-2017. 

Be advised that  our preference is monthly distributions.  However, we graciously accept lump sum distribution.  We will provide a year-end outcome study/recap results survey during the month of June 2017. 

Humbly Submitted for the Kidz,

J.O. Gatson

J. O. Gatson, Program Director/Parent of Purpose

Remit Financial Giving To:

Emmaus Kidz Post Office Box 601
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